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1956 dated Belgian
Gendarmes Kepi
(same as the WW2 type)
Size 58cm

Price UK 100

A Museum Quality
Reproduction of a
Rare Prussian
Grenadiers Mitre Cap

Size 55cm

Price UK 225.00

A superb reproduction of a
WW2 German Waffen SS
Visor Cap,
Piped Yellow for Cavalry
Size 57 cm
Price UK 75.00

A rare United States
Air Force Honour Guard
Visor Cap

Size 56cm

Price 40.00

A French National
Police Visor Cap

Size 58cm

Price UK 35.00

WW2 Number 1 Dress
Senior Officers
Visor Cap for
The Durham Light Infantry

Size 57cm

Price 100.00

A Reproduction of a WW2
German Kriegsmarine Sailors
White topped Cap
with Kreuzer Lutzow
Cap Tally

Size 57cm

Price UK 45.00

USMC Female Forrest Green Visor Cap
in Original Hat Box, NEW
Price UK 25

A Black Cameron


Price 35.00

A Mid Gray
Visor cap
Size 56cm

Price UK 30

Original French
Prison Officers
Visor Cap

size 57cm

Price 25.00

A Royal Army
Education Corps
Senior Officers
No1 Dress Cap

Size 59cm
Price UK 40.00

A Royal Engineers
Other Ranks
Visor Cap
Size 56cm

Price UK 20.00

A Reproduction of a
Confederate States of America
Artillery Officers Kepi
size 60cm
Price UK 25

WW2 United States Navy
Officers Visor Cap with
Tan Cover. Nice Salty

Size 54cm

price UK 75.00

A Belgian
Visor Cap

Size 55cm

Price UK 30.00

WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap,
Size 61
Price UK 60.00

A six Panel British Police Helmet
with Humberside Plate and Ball finial.
Complete with chin strap and riot harness.
Size 53

Price UK 50.00

A New Royal Marines
other ranks No1
Dress Visor Cap

Size 58cm

Price 35.00

French Army Kepi
for a Captain of

Size 56cm

Price UK 40.00

Royal Air Force
Officers Visor Cap

Size 55cm

Price UK 45.00

French Kepi for
a Adjutant-Chef in
the French Signals

Size 56cm

price UK 30.00

Historic Original Kepi from the
Bridlington Municipal Orchestra
aka RoyalVienesse Band circa 1910
as worn by Wallace Henry Hartley
Bandmaster of the Titanic
when he was a memberof the RVB.

Size 55cm

Price UK 125.00

Swiss Provincial
Police Kepi

Size 57cm

Price GB 35.00

French Army Kepi
for Transport Service

Size 55.5cm

Price UK 25.00

French Fusilier Marine

Size 54cm

Price UK 35.00

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